Berkley Trilene XL Clear Line

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Product Description

Trilene XL has for many years been one of the most popular monofilament lines in the world. XL is extremly limp and makes an ideal reel line. Perfect for float fishing, feeder fishing or method fishing.

  • Extra limpness for perfect bait presentation
  • Neutral buoyancy
  • Can be used for main line or hook length
  • Strong and reliable

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PU21741279669Clear - 4lb 300ydN/A£5.99In stock
PU21751279670Clear - 5lb 300ydN/A£5.99In stock
PU17631279671Clear - 8lb 300ydN/A£5.99In stock
PU17641279672Clear - 10lb 300ydN/A£5.99In stock
PU17651279673Clear - 12lb 300ydN/A£5.99Ordered on request
PU17661279674Clear - 14lb 300ydN/A£5.99In stock
PU21761279675Clear - 17lb 300ydN/A£5.99Ordered on request
PU21771279676Clear - 20lb 300ydN/A£5.99Ordered on request

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