Browning Xitan Z14-1 Advance 16.8m Pole

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Following in the footsteps of our famous Xitan Z12, the Z14-1 set a new performance standard with its fine balance of rigidity, weight and mar-ket leading strength. Constructed using a new type of Silica Reinforced Carbon and resin, the Z14-1 has built a deserved reputation as a totally reliable, strong and durable competition pole – a long lasting pole that will do everything and anything asked of it. The Z14-1 has been designed as a true length 16m pole - without needing mini-extensions, or “cheating” by fitting unusable extra-long topkits, to reach full length. This is the longest pole available on the market, and can be further extended to 18m+. When used with the Xitan, 2m 1 piece topkit the Z14-1 still reaches a true 16m – and is even stiffer and lighter – making it the ultimate commercial carp pole.

  • 16m Xitan Advance Z14-1 pole
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector to fit 11m
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Xitan Square Pole Protector to fit 14.5m & 16m
  • 7x Xitan SLKS 1.95m one piece kits
  • 1x SLKS one piece Cupping Kit
  • 2x full length Power C/3 sections
  • Xitan Multi-Pocket holdall

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Xitan Z14-1 Advance 16.8m Pole
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