Daiwa Windcast Surf Rod Series

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Product Description

The slim profile of the Windcast Surf collection betray the incredible casting power harnessed within each model.

Three lengths are offered with 12ft LS ‘flattie' edition for 1 to 4oz weights making it ideal for lighter bait work. Each rod is multiplier orientated with a sliding reel seat allow for preferred reel location. However in tests each model also performed well with fixed spool.

For the rough ground areas the RGS is just the ticket, sporting a stiffer tip. Whilst at the bigger end the 14ft special is designed for those who prefer fixed spool.

  • Slim Power blanks
  • Sliding reels seats on all rods for maximum versatility
  • NS tube shrink grip
  • Black stainless guides with SiC ring

More information

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeLengthTypeModelCasting WeightSectionsRRPPriceOnhand
DW4678WNC1102SB-AU11ftMulti/Fixed SpoolBass1-3oz2pc£145.00£130.50Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW4514WNC1302RGS-AU13ftMultiplierRG Surf4-8oz2pc£190.00£171.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW4679WNC1403FS-AU14ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf3-7oz3pc£190.00£171.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW4515WNC1402MFS-AU14ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf4-8oz2pc£190.00£171.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW4680WNC1503FS-AU15ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf3-7oz3pc£200.00£180.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW4681WNC1603FS-AU16ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf3-7oz3pc£210.00£189.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW5455WNC1202LS-AU12ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf1-4oz2pc£160.00£144.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
DW5456WNC1202MFS-AU12ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf3-7oz2pc£175.00£157.50In stock
DW5457WNC1302MFS-AU13ftMulti/Fixed SpoolSurf3-7oz2pc£180.00£162.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.

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