Delkim 25 Plus Special Edition Bite Alarms

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To commemorate this milestone, Delkim have launched the 25 Plus Special Edition Bite Alarms, based upon the existing Standard Plus. With a special edition silver metallic oval logo, silver dial stickers, silver protective hard case and silver box.

All Delkim bite alarms, past and present, use the unique system which is able to indicate proportionally, both the speed of linear line movement plus vibrations from rod tip ‘nods' and terminal tackle that do not always move the line.

The almost infinite range of sensitivity adjustment can be finely tuned to suit all conditions, methods and user preferences.

  • 25th Anniversary Special Edition
  • Silver control labels and aluminium Delkim logo
  • Special edition hard case included for total protection
  • Tried and tested vibration sensing
  • Uses digital, microprocessor and piezo technology
  • Gives proportional indication of line speed/vibration
  • Two sensitivity ranges - Set by a switch
  • Optimum sensitivity setting to cover all conditions
  • High volume - adjusting from zero to 100dB
  • Wide tone range - High to low
  • Unique alternating run mode tones
  • Large rotary controls - adjust sensitivity, volume and tone
  • Twin clear, super bright, high visibility, flash and latch LEDs
  • Available in 6 colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White and Purple
  • Multi-function colour coded push button
  • Changes LED modes and confirms volume/tone
  • Variable LED modes - 5 combinations for changing light conditions
  • High, medium and low brightness plus Night Marking mode
  • Patented Delkim night marking mode
  • The twin LEDs glimmer continuously for Night Marking
  • Eliminating the need for betalights
  • Nitelite output (2.5mm)
  • Audio output (3.5mm)
  • Speaker and battery condition test
  • Carried out automatically at switch-on
  • Battery condition is monitored continuously
  • Low battery and battery fail audible warnings
  • Distinctive separate warnings for low battery and battery fail
  • Stainless steel hardware - Speaker, bolt, locking ring, etc
  • Battery life of at least a year if using a quality PP3 9V battery
  • Distinctive Delkim design
  • Legendary Delkim all-weather reliability
  • 2 year guarantee

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