Fox Micron MXR+ Rod Presentation Set Alarms

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The MXr+ alarms share many features in common with the Mr+ such as weatherproof sealed case, top quality digital circuitry, low battery drain, D-Tec Sensing System, CNC machined 'Tru Run' roller wheel, adjustable volume and a power out socket but in addition you will also find adjustable Tone and a Dual Step Sensitivity control, allowing you to make the alarm more or less sensitive depending on the situation you are faced with. The Mxr+ alarms also feature a top quality Cone Speaker for enhanced sound quality. As with the receiver on the Mr+ Fox have achieved ranges in excess of 200m in testing but are keen to re-iterate that they do not condone anglers being so far away from their rods. This signal strength is purely in place to ensure that no matter what the weather conditions or terrain of your swim you will get a clear signal transmitted back to your receiver at all times when in and around your swim.

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FO4671CEI141MXR+ 2 Rod Presentation SetN/A£299.99In stock
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FO4673CEI143MXR+ 4 Rod Presentation SetN/A£475.00Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO4674CEI144MXR+ AlarmN/A£94.99In stock
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