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Fox Rage Pro Shad Firetails 2

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RRP: £3.30 - £5.39
£1.70 - £4.49
Save up to £2.09 (39%)

Product Description

Our Pro Shads have made a serious impact since their introduction several years back and we're now happy to announce our new colours in both the ‘Natural' and ‘Firetail' ranges. With the clarity of many venues all across Europe improving, predators are becoming increasingly more difficult to tempt and this is where our expertise proves invaluable!

Fox's new releases focus heavily on realistic patterns for them hard to tempt predators that are purely focused on natural prey. For the days when a brighter pattern makes the difference, we also have a number of new colours that are sure to get noticed.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
FO6912NSL92123cm Fire Tiger£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6913NSL92223cm Hot Tiger£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6914NSL92323cm Golden Trout£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6915NSL92423cm Rainbow Trout£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6916NSL92523cm Silver Baitfish£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6917NSL92623cm Marble£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6918NSL92723cm Rudd/Goldfish£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6919NSL92823cm Perch£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6920NSL92923cm Pike£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6921NSL93023cm Midnight Shiner£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6922NSL93123cm Silver Bleak£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6923NSL93223cm Parrot£5.39£4.49In stock
FO6924NSL90918cm Fire Tiger£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6925NSL91018cm Hot Tiger£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6926NSL91118cm Golden Trout£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6927NSL91218cm Rainbow Trout£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6928NSL91318cm Silver Baitfish£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6929NSL91418cm Marble£4.19£2.10In stock
FO6930NSL91518cm Rudd/Goldfish£4.19£2.10In stock
FO6931NSL91618cm Perch£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6932NSL91718cm Pike£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6933NSL91818cm Midnight Shiner£4.19£2.10In stock
FO6934NSL91918cm Silver Bleak£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6935NSL92018cm Parrot£4.19£3.49In stock
FO6936NSL89714cm Fire Tiger£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6937NSL89814cm Hot Tiger£3.30£1.70In stock
FO6938NSL89914cm Golden Trout£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6939NSL90014cm Rainbow Trout£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6940NSL90114cm Silver Baitfish£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6941NSL90214cm Marble£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6942NSL90314cm Rudd/Goldfish£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6943NSL90414cm Perch£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6944NSL90514cm Pike£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6945NSL90614cm Midnight Shiner£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6946NSL90714cm Silver Bleak£3.30£2.75In stock
FO6947NSL90814cm Parrot£3.30£2.75In stock

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