Fox Rage Replicant Wobble Lures 1pc

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Product Description

The next generation of this iconic lure, the new Replicant Wobble offers a range of upgrades to make it even more of a must have for your lure box.

Available in 10 colours, the new Wobble comes with an improved belly hook rotation system which sees the treble hook turn, helping to protect hook holds when playing fish. The same, brilliant swimming action still remains, with the large paddle tail creating loads of attraction and giving the lure a deep role on the retrieve. The body material itself has been upgraded to a material more resistant to falling apart following fish damage.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Wobble is that it comes in the new Super Natural colour options. These highly realistic fish patterns are as close to the real things as it gets, offering options of perch, zander, pike, roach and chub colours.

  • Three sizes; 14, 18 and 23cm
  • Ten colour options
  • Proven, enticing swimming action
  • Belly hook rotation system to help maintain hook holds
  • Super resistant body material
  • High-end hooks
  • New Super Natural colour options

More information

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeWeightPatternRRPPriceOnhand
FO8993NSL103414cm 5.5in55gSuper Natural PerchN/A£7.99In stock
FO8994NSL103518cm 7in90gFiretigerN/A£8.99In stock
FO8995NSL103618cm 7in90gRainbow TroutN/A£8.99In stock
FO8996NSL103718cm 7in90gMarbleN/A£8.99In stock
FO8997NSL103818cm 7in90gPikeN/A£8.99In stock
FO8998NSL103918cm 7in90gSilver BleakN/A£8.99In stock
FO8999NSL104018cm 7in90gSuper Natural RoachN/A£9.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9000NSL104118cm 7in90gSuper Natural PikeN/A£9.99In stock
FO9001NSL104218cm 7in90gSuper Natural ChubN/A£9.99In stock
FO9002NSL104318cm 7in90gSuper Natural ZanderN/A£9.99In stock
FO9003NSL104418cm 7in90gSuper Natural PerchN/A£9.99In stock
FO9004NSL104523cm 9in155gFiretigerN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9005NSL104623cm 9in155gRainbow TroutN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9006NSL104723cm 9in155gMarbleN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9007NSL104823cm 9in155gPikeN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9008NSL104923cm 9in155gSilver BleakN/A£10.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9009NSL105023cm 9in155gSuper Natural RoachN/A£11.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9010NSL105123cm 9in155gSuper Natural PikeN/A£11.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9011NSL105223cm 9in155gSuper Natural ChubN/A£11.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9012NSL105323cm 9in155gSuper Natural ZanderN/A£11.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO9013NSL105423cm 9in155gSuper Natural PerchN/A£11.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
FO8881NSL102514cm 5.5in55gFiretigerN/A£6.99In stock
FO8882NSL102614cm 5.5in55gRainbow TroutN/A£6.99In stock
FO8883NSL102714cm 5.5in55gMarbleN/A£6.99In stock
FO8884NSL102814cm 5.5in55gPikeN/A£6.99In stock
FO8885NSL102914cm 5.5in55gSilver BleakN/A£6.99In stock
FO8886NSL103014cm 5.5in55gSuper Natural RoachN/A£7.99In stock
FO8887NSL103114cm 5.5in55gSuper Natural PikeN/A£7.99In stock
FO8888NSL103214cm 5.5in55gSuper Natural ChubN/A£7.99In stock
FO8889NSL103314cm 5.5in55gSuper Natural ZanderN/A£7.99In stock
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