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Greys G1 Sunglasses

Fishermen have always used polarised sunglasses for years. They reduce glare from the water and ultimately allow you to spot fish moving. Glare off the water produces eye strain, and you don't want to be fishing with a sore head, so wearing a pair of polarised sunglasses will reduce stress on the eyes and make the whole experience much more relaxing. Polarised lenses contain a particular filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, ultimately, reducing glare.

By reducing glare off the water, you get to see under the surface of the water. This can be beneficial for many reasons. Spotting fish is the number one advantage. However, it's also useful to see obstructions, weed, and snags. Being able to detect potential underwater hazards can help you avoid disasters like losing your line, snapping your rod, losing tackle, or worse still, losing fish!

Sighting fish is a significant advantage, and can help you be a more productive fisherman. Anglers of all specialisms can benefit including Trout, Salmon, and Sea. Pike fishers can spot specimens or Jacks lurking in the margins and know where to plop their lure; Bonefish anglers fishing from a barge can locate a potential target and know where to cast their fly, and river Trout fishermen can see fish feeding in slack water. Therefore there is no mistaking the vast advantages of wearing polarised sunglasses.

In addition to the distinct fishing-spotting advantages, and strain reduction, there is also the eye-protection factor to consider. Fishing with sharp hooks can be dangerous, and all it takes is a sudden change of wind direction, a bad cast, or an error on your boat partners part to send a hook barb into, or around, your eye. This could be catastrophic and could lead to vision or eye loss! Therefore, in general, it is always advisable to wear eye protection when fishing.

Another critical feature of wearing fishing sunglasses is the protection from the Sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. UVB is responsible for causing sunburn and can quickly damage eye tissue with prolonged and unprotected exposure. UVA can damage eyesight over an extended period also.

Good quality eyewear is an essential piece of kit for any angler. Especially, if you spend an extended period outdoors, and continuously exposed to sunlight, and glare, from the water. To solve this problem, Greys G1 Sunglasses are an effective and an affordable solution for all the above-highlighted issues. G1 sunglasses are the ultimate fishing sunglasses featuring the best possible materials at an affordable price. All G1 frames contain a high degree of biomaterial, which has a much lower carbon footprint. The lenses are all polarised, shatterproof, polycarbonate and feature a hydrophobic material. Hydrophobic lenses will significantly reduce water spots and makes for much easier cleaning. The G1 lenses minimize glare significantly, provide maximum UV protection, and the anti-reflective back coating reduces glare reflecting off the back of the glasses which reduces eye strain.

Therefore it is not advisable to take your eye care for granted. The goal is to continue fishing for years on end in safety and comfort. Wearing a pair of sunglasses is a small investment, but the benefits are insurmountable.

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