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Guru Pulse Line is a premium quality monofilament main line with exceptionally low diameter for its breaking strain, great abrasion resistance and low stretch.

It's the perfect all-round main line when mono is required, from float fishing to feeder or bomb tactics. Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology with low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with great casting and sinking properties to create the ultimate mono main line. Great for both feeder and waggler fishing.

Pulse Line joins Drag line in the Guru stable to ensure the range offers a main line for every situation, with Drag line the perfect option for heavy-duty work on commercials and other bagging situations whilst Pulse Line offers more finesse and greater feel for all tactics.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBreaking StrainLengthRRPPriceOnhand
GK0209GPUL33Lb (0.16mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock
GK0210GPUL44Lb (0.18mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock
GK0211GPUL55lb (0.20mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock
GK0212GPUL66lb (0.21mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock
GK0213GPUL88lb (0.24mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock
GK0214GPUL1010lb (0.26mm)300mN/A£8.99In stock

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