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Ranging from the smallest of 0.08mm diameter all the way up to 0.30mm, these will be sure to help you create your best hook lengths yet! This type of line can be a real edge in your fishing, but many of the products on the market aren't very user-friendly or are of poor quality, but now you no longer need to worry about that!

There are ten different diameters available ranging from 0.08mm to 0.30mm, all of which are accurately measured and stated, and corresponding breaking strains from 1lb to 10lb, which will cover everything from the lightest match fishing right up to specimen fishing for species such as tench and barbel.

Many of their team of anglers have already been putting it to good use by winning matches, and specimen hunter Stuart Court used it to good effect recently to land a personal best perch of 4lb 9oz from a river using the 0.22mm version.

  • Premium quality Japanese Fluorocarbon
  • Virtually invisible in water
  • Exceptional strength to diameter ratio
  • 10 diameters available from 0.08mm to 0.30mm
  • 50m spools.

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GK0312GFC080.08mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0313GFC100.10mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0314GFC120.12mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0315GFC140.14mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0316GFC160.16mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0317GFC180.18mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0318GFC200.20mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0319GFC220.22mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0320GFC250.25mmN/A£6.99In stock
GK0321GFC300.30mmN/A£6.99In stock

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