Kodex KX-i Carp Rod

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Pushing the boundaries of rod design and manufacturing has led to the development of the world's best ever carp rod. That's a bold claim, but one that has been backed by both the angling press and countless top carp anglers. With immense power in the spine and no twist, the KX-I allows you to cast to immense distances with unrivalled accuracy - it has over 150 yards casting potential with ease. Yet, there is no compromise with its fish-playing capabilities and the tip action will subdue fish to the net without the risk of hook-pulls. This is all thanks to the construction of the KX-i, which utilises 55 tonne airforce-grade high-modular mesh and the latest Zepto-X carbon technology, resulting in this exceptional 2pc 12ft abbreviated design, with a super-slim blank. Only the most elite features are found on the KX-i; including original Fuji fittings, ultra-light titanium TG16 matte black guides, 50mm butt guide and an anti-frap tip guide. Kodex have specially designed the butt-end with a compound taper, which really assists hand-grip and casting, ensuring your hand will not slip off the bottom. Plus, a 1ft zig extension (to fish at 13ft) is included as standard with every rod. The final cosmetic details are stunning too, including a machine-engraved Kodex symbol in the butt-end and very subtle graphics throughout, giving the look of a custom build. You simply will not find a better carp rod than the KX-i. Available in 3.25lb and 3.5lb test curves.

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