Korda Kaptor Hooks

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Product Description

Kaptor marks the next step in the evolution of the carp hook. It is the first true coloured PTFE hook. The coating has been applied to all but the point of the hook, leaving it coating free, which gives an increased sharpness to each and every hook. Every point is then ‘Kapped' to prevent damage. The hooks are packed and clipped into a bespoke box for safe storage. This range is available in Wide Gape, Kurv Shank and Choddy patterns.

  • Uncoated corrosion resistant tip
  • Nothing is sharper
  • Longer lasting points
  • Protective Kaps
  • Coloured PTFE coating

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
KO0485CKAP03WG Gravel Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0486CKAP04WG Gravel Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0487CKAP05WG Gravel Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0490CKAP08WG Weed Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0491CKAP09WG Weed Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0492CKAP10WG Weed Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0493CKAP11WG B/Less Gravel Sz4£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0494CKAP12WG B/Less Gravel Sz6£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0495CKAP13WG B/Less Gravel Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0496CKAP14WG B/Less Gravel Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0497CKAP15WG B/Less Gravel Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0498CKAP16WG B/Less Weed Sz4£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0501CKAP19WG B/Less Weed Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0502CKAP20WG B/Less Weed Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0506CKAP24Kurv Gravel Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0507CKAP25Kurv Gravel Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0510CKAP28Kurv Weed Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0511CKAP29Kurv Weed Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0512CKAP30Kurv Weed Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0513CKAP31Kurv B/Less Gravel Sz4£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0515CKAP33Kurv B/Less Gravel Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0516CKAP34Kurv B/Less Gravel Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0517CKAP35Kurv B/Less Gravel Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0518CKAP36Kurv B/Less Weed Sz4£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0520CKAP38Kurv B/Less Weed Sz8£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0521CKAP39Kurv B/Less Weed Sz10£5.99£1.99In stock
KO0522CKAP40Kurv B/Less Weed Sz12£5.99£1.99In stock

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