Korum Anti Tangle Hair Rigs

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Product Description

TheAnti Tangle Hair Rigs come with an XL Quickstop, which is a built-in hair stop you push through your hookbait. It's permanently attached for ease of use. The hooks and hooklinks are ultra-strong and reliable, designed to catch even the biggest of carp.

  • Helicopter Rig Bead
  • Quickstop Bait Needle
  • Mono 15lb

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeSizeRRPPriceOnhand
PR5546KCR3/04Barbed Size 4N/A£3.50In stock
PR5547KCR3/06Barbed Size 6N/A£3.50In stock
PR5548KCR3/08Barbed Size 8N/A£3.50In stock
PR5549KCR3/10Barbed Size 10N/A£3.50In stock
PR5550KCR4/04Barbless Size 4N/A£3.50Temporarily out of stock
PR5551KCR4/06Barbless Size 6N/A£3.50Temporarily out of stock
PR5552KCR4/08Barbless Size 8N/A£3.50Temporarily out of stock
PR5553KCR4/10Barbless Size 10N/A£3.50Temporarily out of stock

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