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Korum’s hair rig has been incredibly successful ever since it was first released and this latest addition to the catalogue look set to continue to make angling easier. These Quickstops on Hair Rigs are exactly what they say they are: the hair rig is identical to the one already released by Korum, this time with a quickstop fitted on the end.

This bait set up system is brilliant for anglers who don’t want to worry about tying fiddly knots that are liable to come undone in the water when they are put under pressure from a hungry fish. The quickstop is easy to fit on a range of drilled pellets, sweetcorns, and meat baits; simply push a baiting needle through the hole in the quickstop, then thread the whole outfit through your chosen bait. Remove the needle and your hair rig is complete with quickstop preventing the bait from coming loose from the rig.

Hair rigs are among the most popular bait presentation techniques, a position they have held since the mid 1970s when the hair rig first became popular. Hair rigs allow the bait to be presented next to (but not on) the hook. Quickstops are completely attached to the hair, so you never have to worry about your bait being flung from your rig mid-cast or pulled loose whilst in the water. These pre-made quickstops on hair rigs significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend baiting, allowing you to focus the majority of your time on doing what you love – fishing! This innovation from Korum is the perfect convenience tool for the modern angling age and is available on both barbed and barbless hooks of varying sizes.

These Quickstops on Hair Rigs are also the perfect tool for anglers who are starting in out in the sport and may lack some of the knot-tying and rig-making know-how of more experienced anglers. This is a nifty solution that enables novice and junior anglers to get out on the bank fishing from day one!
  • Super fast bait stop system
  • Available in length, 4inch and 15inch
  • Barbed and Barbless
  • Fitted with a quickstop
  • Brilliant for drilled pellets, sweetcorn & meat fishing

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PR3728KHRQS/104" Hair/Quickstops Sz10N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR3729KHRQS/124" Hair/Quickstops Sz12N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR3730KHRQS/144" Hair/Quickstops Sz14N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR3731KHRQS/164" Hair/Quickstops Sz16N/A£2.75In stock
PR2580KHRQBS/104" Hair Rig N Stop Sz10 BarbedN/A£2.75In stock
PR2581KHRQBS/124" Hair Rig N Stop Sz12 BarbedN/A£2.75In stock
PR2582KHRQBS/144" Hair Rig N Stop Sz14 BarbedN/A£2.75In stock
PR2583KHRQBS/164" Hair Rig N Stop Sz16 BarbedN/A£2.75In stock
PR1179KHRQ/1015" Hair Rig/Quickstop Sz10N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR1180KHRQ/1215" Hair Rig/Quickstop Sz12N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR1181KHRQ/1415" Hair Rig/Quickstop Sz14N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock
PR1182KHRQ/1615" Hair Rig/Quickstop Sz16N/A£2.75Temporarily out of stock

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