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A new range of revolutionary feeders that are inline but the feeder body can be removed and replaced for a different size, or even a different type of feeder whilst fi shing. No need to re-tackle up when you feel the need for a change of tac, simply switch the feeder over in a matter of a couple of seconds. Give yourself the edge this season on the local commercial.

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
LD8629R2710Pellet Feeder S 15gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8630R2711Pellet Feeder M 20gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8631R2712Pellet Feeder M 30gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8632R2713Pellet Feeder L 20gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8633R2714Pellet Feeder L 30gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8634R2720Open End Feeder S 15gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8635R2721Open End Feeder M 20gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8636R2722Open End Feeder M 30gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8637R2723Open End Feeder L 20gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8638R2724Open End Feeder L 30gN/A£1.45In stock
LD8639R2700Cage Feeder S 15gN/A£1.25In stock
LD8640R2701Cage Feeder M 20gN/A£1.25In stock
LD8641R2702Cage Feeder M 30gN/A£1.25Last 3 remaining!
LD8642R2703Cage Feeder L 20gN/A£1.25In stock
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