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Maver Abyss X Series Rod Range

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The Abyss X Series Rod Range is a superb carbon rod that has the look and feel of a rod costing far in excess of it's price. Ideal for targeting commercial fisheries, using pellet wagglers, but equally at home on rivers for tick float and waggler fishing. Featuring a lovely through action blank makes this rod suitable for experienced anglers as well as newcomers to the sport and juniors. Prepare to be amazed with this piece of Fishing Tackle which will become as must have.

  • Carbon rod
  • Superb value
  • Lovely through action blank
  • Ideal for newcomers and juniors
  • Supplied in quality rod bag

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
MV2266A240010ft Match 2 Piece (3.0M)£36.99£34.99In stock
MV2267A240511ft Match 2 Piece (3.3M)£38.99£36.99Temporarily out of stock
MV2268A241012ft Match 2 Piece (3.6M)£42.99£39.99In stock
MV2269A241512ft Match 3 Piece (3.6M)£42.99£39.99In stock
MV2270A242013ft Match 3 Piece (3.9M)£44.99£42.99In stock
MV2271A242514ft Euro Match 3 Piece (4.2M)N/A£46.99In stock
MV2272A24309ft Feeder 2 Piece (2.7M)£39.99£36.99In stock
MV2273A243510ft Feeder 2 Piece (3.0M)£42.99£39.99In stock
MV2274A244011ft Feeder 2 Piece (3.3M)£46.99£44.99In stock
MV2275A244512ft Feeder 2 Piece (3.6M)£49.99£46.99In stock
MV2276A245012ft Feeder 3 Piece (3.6M)N/A£49.99In stock
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