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Maver Genesis Pro Rod Range

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£12.99 - £99.99

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Maver has relaunched its popular Genesis rods and renamed them Genesis Pro in recognition of a complete overhaul. There

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
MV2533A256212ft Com Medium TipN/A£12.99Ordered on request
MV2277A247510ft Match 2pce (3.0M)N/A£64.99In stock
MV2278A248011ft Match 2pce (3.3M)N/A£69.99In stock
MV2279A248512ft Match 2pce (3.6M)N/A£74.99In stock
MV2280A249012ft Match 3pce (3.6M)N/A£66.99In stock
MV2281A249513ft Match 3pce (3.9M)N/A£74.99In stock
MV2282A250010ft Feeder 2pce (3.0M)N/A£64.99In stock
MV2283A250511ft Feeder 2pce (3.3M)N/A£69.99In stock
MV2284A251012ft Feeder 2pce (3.6M)N/A£76.99In stock
MV2285A251512ft Feeder 3pce (3.6M)£74.99£60.00Temporarily out of stock
MV2286A252012ft XD Feeder 100g 3pce£94.99£84.99Temporarily out of stock
MV2287A252512ft XD Feeder 130g 3pce£94.99£84.99In stock
MV2288A253513ft XD Feeder 100g 3pceN/A£99.99Temporarily out of stock
MV2289A254013ft XD Feeder 130g 3pceN/A£99.99In stock
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