Maxima Chameleon One Shot 250m Spools

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Product Description

Maxima line is one of the best selling fishing lines ever. Maxima Chameleon mono is tough and abrasion resistant and is suitable for all types of angling. It is a fast sinking line and particularly suitable for waggler and feeder fishing

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBreaking StrainLenghRRPPriceOnhand
LD0394G01952lb 250mN/A£7.45In stock
LD0393G01933lb 250mN/A£7.45In stock
LD0395G01964lb 250mN/A£7.45In stock
LD0392G01925lb 250mN/A£7.45In stock
LD0396G01976lb 250mN/A£7.85In stock
LD0397G01988lb 250mN/A£7.85In stock
LD0398G019910lb 250mN/A£8.45In stock
LD0399G020012lb 250mN/A£8.45In stock
LD0400G020115lb 250mN/A£9.49In stock

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