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Arco-Tech waggler rods and feeder rods offer exceptional quality at affordable prices. They possess a very impressive and soft parabolic-arc action to subdue fish, while the build features include slim full-cork handles and KTS smooth flow guides. Developed with top match anglers, in particular 'Match This' winner Chris Cameron for the feeder models and Kieron Rich for the waggler versions, Arco-Tech rods feature rigid mini butts with a Kevlar wrap, which strengthens up the butt of the rods to give some real power if required, while also allowing the option of adding a 1ft (30cm) extension without tackling down. A 1ft extension is included as standard with every Arco-Tech rod.

Choose from the K-305 10ft/11ft F1 waggler, which has an incredibly soft action; the K-335 11ft/12ft Carp waggler, for subduing carp around the 8lb mark easily; the K-275 9ft/10ft F1 feeder and K-306 10ft/11ft Carp feeder. The waggler models have a soft parabolic-arc through action, especially on the K-305 for F1 fishing, while still retaining immense strength in reserve at the butt if required.

The two feeder models have specially angled butt guides to resist line spiralling and assist the cast, plus they are each supplied with two unique super-sensitive TS trigger tips - you won't believe how sensitive these trigger tips are, they register the faintest of bites! A range of four superb rods that Middy are very proud to have built.

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MI315120420K-275 Feeder Rod 9-10ft F1£124.99£94.99In stock
MI315220421K-306 Feeder Rod 10-11ft Carp£129.99£99.99In stock
MI315320425K-305 Waggler Rod 10-11ft F1£109.99£79.99In stock
MI315420426K-335 Waggler Rod 11-12ft Carp£119.99£89.99In stock

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