Middy NANO-CORE XR8 Pole Packages

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Product Description

Built specifically for margin work in the summer months, the XR8 has awesome strength and at up to 11.5m it allows big-lumps to be caught with ease. While it has a 25+ elastic rating, in truth it would likely handle up to 30 elastic if it existed. There is also the option to take this pole to 13m with the addition of a Generic 13m Extension. The XR8 offers an ideal way to enter the Nano-Core pole range with low cost, knowing all sections and kits are compatible with all other models in the range should you choose to upgrade. It comes with a Match3 G-16 kit in the pole and the package then includes a Karp2 G-25 kit with pull-it facility (supplied in a tube), along with a Safe-Zone Karp reversible 10/11.5m mini-butt, free elastication kits and an Xtreme Pole Carry Case.

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MI28482125010m Package £299.99£174.99In stock
MI28492126111.5m Package£367.49£224.99In stock
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