Nash Double Top Porch Conversion Bivvy

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Product Description

An amazing optional extension that transforms a Mk 4 Double Top into a session base camp that features two distinct elements, the sealed bivvy as a bedroom, extended into fully sheltered living and working space. The porch conversions turn a one or two bed bivvy into a two room home from home!

Supported by additional twin Double Top poles and a tension strap, the full length overwrap increases insulation to three skins over the top of the Double Top being used, and features matching rear mesh panels to allow air flow through the length of the bivvy in hot weather.

The front features full length mozzi mesh and storm panels with tie backs for the roll up door panel.

  • Holiday and long session bivvy extension
  • Fits both Double Top 1 and 2 Man bivvies
  • Double Top base bivvy offers mesh sealed capsule for protection against insects, rodents and snakes
  • Huge floor plan and head room for eating, cooking, rig tying and daytime shelter
  • Front and rear mesh panels for regulating air flow
  • 420D PU coated nylon construction
  • Supplied with Nash T pegs and carry bag

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