Ridgemonkey RM-Tec Mainline

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Superb sinking monofilament mainline which features superior casting and low stretch qualities! Supplied on huge 1200 metre spools, these mainlines are the perfect all-rounder for almost any fishing situation whether it was from an underarm lob in the edge to extreme distances on an inland sea! A great low maintenance fishing line with high abrasion resistance and low memory.

"Following much speculation, teasing and downright tomfoolery, we're pleased to announce that the first this mainline that has been developed in conjunction with Carp Talk/Mainline Carp Angler of the Year Dave Levy and former distance casting World Record holder Terry Edmonds, these lines have been put through their paces by our expansive testing team across Europe – from 1 acre ponds to 10,000 acre+ inland seas and big snaggy rivers, they have been a keystone in landing fish to over 70lb from multiple countries. Conservatively rated, they will break well above the stated breaking strains when used with a well tied knot and have performed without fault throughout the final testing stage.'"

Available in clear, brown and green. 1200m spools

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RM0060RMT001Mono 12lb/0.35mm Green 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0061RMT002Mono 15lb/0.38mm Green 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0062RMT003Mono 18lb/0.42mm Green 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0063RMT004Mono 12Lb/0.35mm Clear 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0064RMT005Mono 15Lb/0.38mm Clear 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0065RMT006Mono 18Lb/0.42mm Clear 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0066RMT007Mono 12Lb/0.35mm Brown 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0067RMT008Mono 15Lb/0.38mm Brown 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0068RMT009Mono 18Lb/0.42mm Brown 1200mN/A£18.99In stock
RM0069RMT010Fluoro 15LB/ 0.33mm Clear 1000mN/A£24.99In stock
RM0070RMT011Fluoro 20LB/ 0.37mm Clear 1000mN/A£24.99In stock

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