Savage Gear 3D Linethru Roach

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Product Description

The Roach is the most important prey fish for many fresh water predators. For this reason, Savage Gear have gone to great lengths to study the behaviour and movement of this essential species, resulting in this - The Linethru 3D Roach!

WIth its accurate 3D scan of a real Roach and with a range of fine details like lifelike flexible side fins and striking colour patterns, the 3D Roach is sure to illicit unbeleivable strikes from toothy critters anywhere.

  • Superioir 3D details and Realism
  • Incredible swimming action
  • Hard foam inner harness, soft outer body
  • Line thru concept
  • Swinging treble on line thru modifier
  • 2 sizes, 18cm & 25cm
  • 2 sinkrates - Slow Sink and Moderate Sink
  • 5 amazing colours
  • Pulsing side fins
  • Protective reusable clampack
  • Ultra sharp Savage Gear Y-trebles (size #1 on 18cm and size #2/0 on 25cm)

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
SV13085537563D Linethru Roach 25cm 200g SS 03-Bream£25.99£22.99In stock
SV1302953744SG 3D Linethru Roach 18cm 80g SS 01-Roach£16.99£14.99In stock
SV1303053745SG 3D Linethru Roach 18cm 80g SS 02-Rudd£16.99£14.99In stock
SV1303153746SG 3D Linethru Roach 18cm 80g SS 03-Bream£16.99£14.99In stock
SV13078537473D Linethru Roach 18cm 80g SS 04-Golden Orfe£16.99£12.99In stock
SV13079537483D Linethru Roach 18cm 80g SS 05-Firetiger£16.99£14.99In stock
SV13080537493D Linethru Roach 18cm 86g MS 01-Roach£16.99£14.99In stock
SV13081537503D Linethru Roach 18cm 86g MS 02-Rudd£16.99£14.99In stock
SV13082537513D Linethru Roach 18cm 86g MS 03-Bream£16.99£14.99In stock
SV13083537523D Linethru Roach 18cm 86g MS 04-Golden Orfe£16.99£12.99In stock
SV13084537533D Linethru Roach 18cm 86g MS 05-Firetiger£16.99£14.99In stock
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