Savage Gear 3D Smashtail Minnow Lures

Will ship in approx. 10 days.
£12.99 - £24.99

Product Description

The Savage Gear 3D SmashTail is the result of an incredibly detailed 3D Scan of a Baby Trout, that they've have used to produce a realistic profile and incredible action.

With a swinging tail smashing in the water creating a high popping sound, leaving behind a vacuum ​​and a bobble track behind the bait for Predators to pursue.
The small metal mesh in the tail adds a ringing sound enhancing the sound and spit calling in the Big Predator fish.

  • 3D scanned details
  • Highly exciting smashtail
  • Supertoe ABS body
  • Ultra-sharp, three-piece hooks
  • 10cm - 17g - 2x Y-Treble #2
  • 13.5cm - 38g - 2x Y-Treble #1
  • 17cm - 72g - 2x Y-Treble #1/0
  • 1 Lure Per Pack

More information

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelRRPPriceOnhand
SV173086199710cm 17g Black Ghost£14.99£12.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173096199610cm 17g Firetiger£14.99£12.99Ordered on request
SV173106199510cm 17g Perch£14.99£12.99Ordered on request
SV173116199310cm 17g Roach£14.99£12.99Ordered on request
SV173126199410cm 17g Rudd£14.99£12.99Ordered on request
SV173136200213.5cm 38g Black Ghost£18.99£16.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173146200113.5cm 38g Firetiger£18.99£16.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173156200013.5cm 38g Perch£18.99£16.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173166199813.5cm 38g Roach£18.99£16.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173176199913.5cm 38g Rudd£18.99£16.99Will ship in approx. 10 days.
SV173186200717cm 72g Black GhostN/A£24.99Ordered on request
SV173196200617cm 72g FiretigerN/A£24.99Ordered on request
SV173206200517cm 72g PerchN/A£24.99Ordered on request
SV173216200317cm 72g RoachN/A£24.99Ordered on request
SV173226200417cm 72g RuddN/A£24.99Ordered on request

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