Shimano Nasci FB Reels

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RRP: £79.99 - £89.99
£79.99 - £84.99

Product Description

Nasci FB is the fi rst Shimano P4 reel to feature a Hagane gear and also uses technology usually found on much higher priced Shimano reels. Coreprotect for water protection, G Free body for better balance and X-Ship gearing all combine to make this model outstanding value for money. With models ranging from the small 1000 up to the mid-sized 5000 the new Nasci FB range is one of the most versatile available.

Finished in gloss black with contrasting silver and gold trim, the Nasci looks as good as it performs.

  • Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings
  • XGT-7 Frame
  • Single Machined Aluminium Handle
  • CAP Bail
  • Waterproof Drag
  • Rigid Support Drag
  • Super Stopper II
  • Cold Forged Aluminium Spool

More information

ImageHousecodeSupplier codeModelLine CapacityRRPPriceOnhand
SU5273NASC3000FB3000 FB230yds/6lb - 140yds/10lbN/A£79.99In stock
SU5267NAS1000FB1000 FB0.20mm/140mmN/A£79.99In stock
SU5271NASC2000SFBC2000S FB0.16mm/105mmN/A£79.99In stock
SU5270NASC2000HGSFB2000S FB HG0.16mm/105mmN/A£79.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
SU5268NAS2500FB2500 FB0.20mm/240mmN/A£79.99In stock
SU5269NAS2500HGSFB2500S FB HG0.18mm/120mmN/A£79.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
SU5274NASC3000HGFB3000 FB HG0.30mm/130mmN/A£79.99Ordered on request
SU5272NASC3000DHFBC3000 FB DH0.30mm/130mmN/A£79.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
SU5275NAS4000FB4000 FB0.30mm/180mm£89.99£84.99In stock
SU5276NAS4000XGFB4000 FB XG0.30mm/180mm£89.99£84.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
SU5277NASC5000XGFB5000 FB XG0.35mm/175mm£89.99£84.99Will ship in approx. 1 week.
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