Stillwater BPX MKII Slim 12ft Carp Rods

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Product Description

When tested against virtually every top rod brand in a national angling mag the original BPX carp rods won 'BEST In TEST' and were given the perfect 10/10 score. The new BPX Slim rods raise the bar even further! With pencil slim blanks made from high modulus carbon blanks they have super sleek profiles and deliver incredible tip recovery speed that enables them to not only cast baits and rigs to the horizon but to also maintain incredible accuracy. With lovely fish playing actions they will absorb last minute lunges around the net and protect the all important hook hold to allow you to safely land your quarry. The 2.75lb model has 40mm ringing whilst the 3lb & 3.25lb Long Distance versions benefit from 50mm butt rings. The spod rod has been specifically designed to withstand the rigour of the hardcore spodding world and will fire them for miles! To sum it all up, these new BPX Slim Carp rods are a worthy addition to the phenomenally popular BPX carp rod range and offer style and performance to match anything else we have seen on the market.

  • High Modulas Pencil Thin Carbon Blanks
  • SiC guides with 50mm butt rings (40mm on 2.75lb version)
  • Black DPS reels sets
  • Japanese shrink wrap handles with 'flared' butt
  • Minimal cosmetics and super sleek profiles

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GL6464BPX-II-1227512ft 2.75lb£64.99£30.00In stock
GL6465BPX-II-1230012ft 3lb£64.99£30.00In stock
GL6466BPX-II-1232512ft 3.25lb£64.99£30.00In stock
GL6467BPX-II-1250012ft 5lb Spod£77.99£40.00In stock

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