StillwaterPro Carp Wand

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An essential item in any commercial anglers armoury, the Carp wand have been rigorously tested and is the perfect rod for short range method and pellet feeder tactics when casting to islands or features at 13-20m range when good presentation with the pole is not possible, this devastating tactic will on many occasions out fish the pole but most other feeder rods are simply too long leading to inaccurate casts both in direction and distance. The Carp Wand loads perfectly to enable a proper cast at short range leading to pin point accuracy time and time again. The 2 piece equal length construction allows the rod to be store and transported set up so it is instantly ready on arrival at your peg. Supplied with 3 perfectly graded push-in tips of 1oz, 2oz and 4oz each of which blends perfectly and seamlessly into the pencil slim anti-lock blank, you will be amazed with the amount of power and control available. Don't let the price of this rod fool you, it's no toy, just a great little rod at a crazy price.

  • Super slim anti-lock blank
  • Quality screw reel seat with non slip EVA handle
  • Reel lines up to 8lb
  • 2 piece equal length construction
  • 8ft version but more suited to ranges of 20m - 40m

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