Vass 305 5L Breathable Chest WaderS

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Many breathable waders are designed for game fishing and sometimes struggle in harsher environments.

The new Vass-Tex 305 5L Breathable Wader has been designed and developed for the most hostile sea fishing environments. Using the tried and tested Vass Boot as its base then built up using the most advanced material technology Vass have created the ultra-tough and reliable Vass-Tex 305 5L.

It's very tough, breathable and above all, in many cases, up to three times more waterproof than other leading breathable waders. To ensure all aspects of the Vass Breathable Waders are up to the job.

Vass have used the new Vass-Ultra 25mm Triple Bonded Non Stitch Technical Seam. Although developed for the more extreme sea fishermen its durability and reliability also appeal to many other forms of fishing.


  • Tough Breathable Vass-Tex 305 material
  • Vass-Ultra (Ultra wide 25mm triple bonded seams)
  • Reinforced knees
  • Chest pocket with zip
  • Elasticated waist belt
  • 2 D-Rings on chest for attaching tools (cutters, hook remover etc)
  • Box stitch reinforcement with elasticated brace-loop with a quick release buckle
  • Internal zipped pocket
  • Internal draw-cord around the chest
  • Large heal kicker on boot
  • High Quality Vass Boot, wider calf and foot fitting for comfort

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ImageHousecodeSupplier codeBootsSizeRRPPriceOnhand
VW0620VM305-71E-6Studded6N/A£279.99Ordered on request
VW0612VM305-70E/10/6Non-Studded6N/A£266.99Ordered on request
VW0613VM305-70E/10/7Non-Studded7N/A£266.99Ordered on request
VW0621VM305-71E-7Studded7N/A£279.99Ordered on request
VW0614VM305-70E/10/8Non-Studded8N/A£266.99In stock
VW0622VM305-71E-8Studded8£279.99£235.00Ordered on request
VW0623VM305-71E-9Studded9£279.99£235.00In stock
VW0615VM305-70E/10/9Non-Studded9£266.99£225.00In stock
VW0616VM305-70E/10/10Non-Studded10£266.99£225.00In stock
VW0624VM305-71E-10Studded10£279.99£235.00In stock
VW0625VM305-71E-11Studded11£279.99£235.00In stock
VW0617VM305-70E/10/11Non-Studded11£266.99£225.00In stock
VW0618VM305-70E/10/12Non-Studded12£266.99£225.00In stock
VW0626VM305-71E-12Studded12£279.99£235.00In stock
VW0619VM305-70E/10/13Non-Studded13N/A£266.99Ordered on request
VW0627VM305-71E-13Studded13N/A£279.99Ordered on request

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