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CE0033CenturyNext Generation Carp Rods - 12ft 3.00lb SU Stealth Shrink Rod£371.99£275.00
DW4176DaiwaInfinity Carp Rods - Magnum Taper 12ft 3 3/4lb£350.00£250.00
DW4280DaiwaEmcast Carp Rods - Carp 12ft 3.25lb£115.00£66.00
DW4281DaiwaEmcast Carp Rods - Carp 12ft 3.5lb£115.00£66.00
dw4283DaiwaEmcast Carp Rods - Carp 13ft 3.5lb£130.00£75.00
FO3432FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 2.75lb£74.99£70.00
FO3433FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 2.75lb Full Cork£84.99£75.00
FO3434FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 3lb£74.99£69.00
FO3435FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 5.5lb Spod£79.99£69.00
FO3436FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 3lb Marker£79.99£69.00
FO3709FoxWarrior S Rods - 13ft 3.5lbs£79.99£65.00
FO5287FoxHorizon X Carp Rods - 12ft£224.99£175.00
FO5288FoxHorizon X Carp Rods - 12ft£234.99£170.00
FO5289FoxHorizon X Carp Rods - 12ft£224.99£175.00
FO5290FoxHorizon X Carp Rods - 12ft£234.99£175.00
FO5294FoxTorque Rod Range - 12ft£149.99£119.00
FO5295FoxTorque Rod Range - 12ft£139.99£109.00
FO5600FoxTorque Rod Range - 10ft£124.99£110.00
FO5669FoxWarrior S Rods - 12ft 3.5lb with 50mm butt£84.99£75.00
FO8072FoxHorizon XT Rods - 12ft 4.5lb Marker£209.99£155.00
GR1156ChubOutkast Plus - Marker Rod 12ft£109.99£59.00
GR1810ChubOutkast Rods - 12ft 3lb£109.99£65.00
GR1810ChubOutkast Rods - Outkast 3.00lb 12ft£109.99£65.00
GR1831GreysX-Flite Plus FD 12ft 3.5lb£209.99£100.00
GR2365GreysProdigy Apex Rods - 10ft 3.00lb£179.99£125.00
LD10055WychwoodD-101 Carp Rods - 12ft 2.75lb£64.99£50.00
LD10059WychwoodD-201 Series Rods - 12ft 2.75lb£94.99£75.00
LD10425LeedaRogue Carp Rod 12ft Rods - 12ft 2.75lb£39.99£35.00
LI1071LineaeffeShere 12ft 3lb Carp Rod£79.99£20.00
LI1083LineaeffeEPX Hi Carbon Carp 12ft 3lb£59.99£30.00
MI2801KodexCarp CX Rods - 12ft 3.5lb Spod£109.99£50.00
NA3925NashScope Rods - 9ft 2.75Lb £164.99£124.99
NA3926NashScope Rods - 9ft 3Lb £175.99£134.99
NA3927NashScope Rods - 10ft 2.75Lb £175.99£134.99
NA4458NashScope Rods - 9ft 3.5lb £186.99£99.99
NA4460NashScope Rods - 10ft 3.5lb £197.99£149.99
NA5219NashScope Black Ops Rods - 9ft 3lb£274.99£199.99
NA5220NashScope Black Ops Rods - 9ft 3.5lb£285.99£199.99
NA5226NashScope Black Ops 6ft Sawn-Off Rods - 2lb Sawn-Off£186.99£99.99
PR6423Avid CarpCurvex Carp Rods - 10ft 3lb£146.99£89.00
PU2621ShakespeareAgility Exp Specimen Rods - TC 12ft 2lb£64.99£35.00
SO0203SonikGravity X Carp Rods - 13ft 3.5lb Cork £299.99£199.00
SO0263SonikGravity X Carp Rods - 12ft 3.25lb 50mm Slim Shrink£259.99£175.00
SO0264SonikGravity X Carp Rods - 12ft 3lb 50mm Slim Shrink£249.99£175.00
SO0317SonikS4 50mm Carp Rods - 12ft 3.5lb£199.99£99.99
SO0321SonikS4 Spod and Marker Rods - Marker Rod 12ft 4.5lb£129.99£80.00
SP4415ShakespeareAgility Exp Specimen Rods - TC 12ft 2.5lb£64.99£35.00
SU1638ShimanoBeastmaster BX 12ft Rod - Marker£129.99£80.00
SU1638ShimanoBeastmaster BX 12ft Rod - Beastmaster BX 12ft Marker£129.99£80.00
SU2296ShimanoTribal 50 Cal - 12ft 2.75lb£359.99£200.00
SU2296ShimanoTribal 50 Cal - Tribal 50 Cal 12ft 2.75lb£359.99£200.00
SU2913ShimanoTribal TX-9 Carp Rods - 12ft 300£299.99£294.99
SV7853Ron ThompsonCarp Rods - R.T. Tyran Catfish Bank 9ft£79.99£43.00
SV7854Ron ThompsonCarp Rods - R.T. Tyran Catfish 8ft 8in£69.99£40.00
SV9778PrologicC3 Pro Rods - 12ft 360cm 3.5lbs - 2sec£139.99£70.00
SV9778PrologicC3 Pro Rods - C3 12ft 360cm 3.5lb - 2sec£139.99£70.00

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