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AF2558TF GearBanshee 13ft Float Rod£79.99£39.99
DW4261DaiwaTDR Match Rods - 12ft Pellet Waggler£225.00£100.00
DW7083DaiwaTD Match and Feeder Clearance Rods - 14ft 3pc Waggler£179.99£85.00
DW7266DaiwaHarrier Match 10ft 2pc Rod£54.99£30.00
GG0326GarbolinoSuper Rocket Match Carp Rods - 12ft£54.99£40.00
GG0692GarbolinoChallenger Match 2S Rods - 10ft£64.99£50.00
GG0693GarbolinoChallenger Match 2S Rods - 11ft£69.99£55.00
GG0697GarbolinoAltima Match 2S Rods - 10ft£129.99£99.00
GG0698GarbolinoAltima Match 2S Rods - 11.6ft£149.99£110.00
GG0699GarbolinoAltima Match S3 Rods - Carp Waggler 13ft£189.99£150.00
GG0700GarbolinoAltima Match S3 Rods - match 15ft£199.99£150.00
GL6412StillwaterMatchstix 911 Feeder Rod - 9ft/11ft Feeder£69.99£35.00
GL6413StillwaterMatchstix 911 Feeder Rod - 9ft/11ft Waggler£64.99£30.00
GR1705GreysProdigy TXL Specialist Float Rods - 12ft£89.99£79.99
GR1706GreysProdigy TXL Specialist Float Rods - 13ft£99.99£89.99
LD9378IconM-Sport Ultra Power Rods - Ultra Power Rod£169.99£130.00
LI1471LineaeffeProject 10ft Waggler Rod£34.99£10.00
MI2868MiddyDuo Rod 10ft 3pc Rod and CXR40 Reel Combo£157.50£90.00
MI2888MiddyBaggin Machine 11ft Wagger+CXR30 Reel Combo£139.98£90.00
MI3114MiddyBaggin Machine Duo Rod & Reel Combo£159.99£85.00
MV1884MaverPowerlite SX Match Rods - 12ft Match 2 pce£99.99£39.99
MV2279MaverGenesis Pro 12ft Match Rod - 12ft Match 2pce (3.6M)£74.99£29.99
PR5963KorumClearance Rods - 12ft 2pc Waggler Rod - 2015 model£64.99£49.99
PU1547ShakespeareOmni Match Rods - Match 12ft £35.99£10.00
PU2620ShakespeareAgility Pellet Waggler 8lb 11ft Rod£54.99£30.00
SP4151ShakespeareAgility Power Match Rods - 11ft6 2pc£59.99£20.00
SP4152ShakespeareAgility 10ft 2pc Commercial Float Rod£54.99£20.00
ZE1395BrowningCommercial King2 Pellet Waggler Rods - 3.30m Method£74.99£45.00
ZE1396BrowningCommercial King2 Pellet Waggler Rods - 3.30m Power£74.99£59.99
ZE1611BrowningCommercial King2 Carp Tickler - Carp Tickler£79.99£55.00
ZE1612BrowningCommercial King2 Carp Tickler - F1 Tickler£79.99£55.00
MI2829MiddyWhite Knuckle feeder combo£99.99£49.99

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